Thursday, August 30, 2007

Grateful...Updates...Thoughts...oh my!

I’m grateful. With everything going on and the things in my life which seem so unsure right now…I am still so grateful. Although it hurts to think about not teaching…if I don’t, I am still blessed to have a job to fall back on. Many people don’t have that option, I do.

I had a job interview yesterday at the charter school. I want that job so bad…but the interview felt just mediocre to me. I think I have tricked myself into always thinking “no job is for me” just because of this past summer of disappointments. That’s so silly! The truth is, I have been asking for God’s best job for me for months and months and months on end. Those other jobs MUST not have been his best FOR ME. I just am silly the way I think. That’s all. I need to trust that when it looks like failure from the outside, really; truly it’s my Lord Jesus saying “Daughter, this just isn’t the one I have for you. Wait. Be patient”. Lately I have been taking it as, “I’m a loser and failure…I’ll never teach”.

I am having another job interview early next week for Ephrata, too, which is now Elementary. I *heart* elementary school kids! I just don’t know…which job is for me? Is either one for me? We’ll see!

So, my sister is heading out to Zambia, Africa this weekend. I am so excited for her because she is going to have such a fun and amazing time. I want to go to Africa someday, and now that my well traveled and well explored sister has been there, she’ll be able to take her little sister there with her! I just pray God’s protection and extra blessing upon the trip, all the people going, and all the people receiving from them. Her blog is:

Check her out, pray for her…

Anyway, life is good, and life is beautiful…but sometimes it’s really hard to see that because everyday “life” stuff stray our eyes. I’m finding that’s been happening to me lately. Recently I had a friend write this to me in an email…and it’s so true:

“It’s really been an encouragement to watch God working in your life. He just keeps plugging along, providing everything you need and really guiding your path. Sometimes I think we (definitely I) get blinded to God working in our lives, so when we see Him in others lives, it makes us re-evaluate our own. Watching God work in your life has a really make me sit back and see all the places where God has worked in mine and I think it really gave me a better appreciation for Him and also to realize that I really need to work on trusting Him more than I already do.”

I’ll leave you with that.

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