Monday, August 27, 2007

Mind Blown

Well, this is my first real “blog” other than livejournal something like that. I am excited to start blogging! I actually love to write down my thoughts, but doing it on paper just seems so archaic to me, and I’ve never been good at journals as a kid or teenager. So, here it goes.

Let me tell you a little story of a chaotic summer. Well, I graduated from Millersville University on May 12th this summer and felt like every other hopeful new teacher graduate…I was SO getting a job. I knew I was good at teaching, I had great recommendations, I was good in interviews…nothing was stopping me. So, the summer creeped by and I was still job-less. By job-less I mean, I was not hired by a public school to be their art teacher. Yes, I held a job all summer long making decent money at the family business, but, it is not my dream job by any stretch of the imagination. So, not many teaching opportunities came…and the ones that did either faded by or I was interviewed and they just liked someone else better. To much surprise, I was still jobless. Meanwhile, I’m engaged and about to embark on the most life transforming time come August 4th. So, my mind was scattered as you can imagine. Well, my timeline for getting my teaching job in my mind was “If I only have a teaching job by the time of the wedding”. The wedding came, and was AMAZING…but I was still not hired by a district.

Side note: My wedding was the most beautiful and perfect day of my life so far. I didn’t worry at all about a job, or anything. I just enjoyed it and my honeymoon so much. The moment I got home…job search time.

Now, with my field of being a specific ART teacher, it’s not the easiest thing to find a job. So, I decided if I couldn’t teach art, that I would teach anything. I got offered a job to teach pre-school, and I took it. This entire summer has been insane and stressful and my wonderful Godly mother always said to me, “Katie…God is a God of the last minute! Don’t fret…something will come.” She’s been saying this since MAY…no joke. I try to believe it, but most the time reality sets in and I just blow off her comments because I was so used to hearing the same thing over and over again.

So, I was not really content with the pre school job, but I was at least a little bit happy to be teaching SOMETHING, instead of nothing. I never was truly exactly thrilled about it.

I lost hope of teaching art this year K-12. But my mom’s saying kept ringing in my ear…”God’s a God of the last minute!”.

Last Friday I got a call from a school district I’ve been interested in for a while. “Hi Katie, We have a job opening in art and we’d love to talk to you about it”…and THEN today my mom got a call from a friend to tell me that their art teacher quite today and they need someone too. So, I called that school and got an interview there this week!

I have no “job” still other then the pre-school job because I haven’t even had the interviews yet, but God blows my mind! Literally it is the first week of school for BOTH of these districts and they both need teachers now. Talk about LAST MINUTE!

So, I’ll post about how things go and what happens..but two new potentials in one week when I lost all hope?

God rocks.

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