Sunday, September 23, 2007

Paradigm Shift

My life has changed drastically, YET again!

I cannot complain, because literally Jesus has been so faithful to me. So here's the scoop.

My last post says that I teach at Collegium...WRONG! I "did" teach there...for 9 days to be exact...and hated it. It hurt so bad I hated it that much. Waking up every morning was painful knowing what my day would be like. The first day I came home and said, "Declan, I think I hate teaching". He instantly knew something was obviously wrong for me to say something so bizarre (for me anyway!). So my sweetie says, "you need a new job!".

Well, my God is gracious and merciful and just....he did just that. He gave me a NEW job. I now teach what really was the desire of my heart-Elementary School Art. It is perfect, and is beyond fun. The children are sweet, loving, and make me feel so welcome!

Anyway, so thats what is going on in that area of my life.

Other than that, my sissy leaves me yet again to go to Denver, CO back to YWAM. I cannot really complain since I went and got married, moved out of the house, and all that jazz. However, I'll miss her a ton. I love spending time with her! There is a certain place in my heart that only my sister can fill!

On another note...My sister-in-law, Lyryn is about ready to have her baby! I cannot WAIT! I am so excited to be an aunt for the second time, and this time I have a nephew! He is going to be a little bundle of joy, I just know it. It will be so fun having an infant around again, and feeling very free to be able to hold him whenever I want, babysit, whatever. Lyryn and I just have that kind of relationship...I love her to death too.

Anyway, Married life is great! Declan and I are so happy together, as we knew we would be. We just really flowed right into marriage so easily, we are so blessed. Its just alot more fun always having someone to live life with, and I know why God created companionship.

On the cooking homefront...I'm not really getting any better. I'm not terrible, but I just really don't do anything fun or out of the ordinary. I wish I could, I do...but I just can't, or maybe I just don't. Right now my main goal is to just put some kind of food on the table, and thats working ;).

Well well, I better go. About the food thing on the table, its 7:51 and I haven't fed myself or my hubby.

Heck, it's sunday....



  1. i'm so proud of you! my little sister really is all grown up now... and in many ways more than me. haha... i miss you so much and i love spending time with you, too. i love you!!!

  2. Hi Katie!
    Congratulations on finding a much better job. Teaching kids should be fun and rewarding, and who wouldn't have fun with you as a teacher. If you are a having "difficulties" in the kitchen check out this book

    Funny I found you, nice blog, I also just got your book in so be expecting something in the mail.