Monday, January 21, 2008

Fun Times, Awkward Moments, Surprise!!

I believe in my last post I talked about really wanting and needing to spend some good old QT with my husband. So, Friday...that was the plan. We ended up decided to take some fun time for ourselves and we headed after work to Wilmington, DE. We stayed at our favorite (where we stayed our wedding night), The Hotel Dupont. It is utter class, and makes you feel luxurious every time. I love how they have included Valet parking, and how the bed is all down, and how every room has a jacuzzi tub and a comfy couch. It makes you feel good. So, we checked in, settled in, and headed back out to find a good restaurant.

The restaurant story. We tried finding a place that had American food and we saw this cute place called, "821". We're like, let's go! One little tip...check the menu before you go anywhere. We sat down and started eyeing up the menu, only to see it was one of those places that does "tastings", of REALLY_WIERD_FOOD. It was also HIGH class as in MONEY high class, which would have been okay, but the menu was making my stomach turn. I looked at my husband and said, "We have to leave, I will not eat here!". He agreed, but we have NEVER walked out of a restaurant before. We felt so stupid. So, we politely asked the waiter if he understood that we left because the menu wasn't what we were expecting, and with a look of shock, he said it was alright. It was one of the most awkward moments we've had. It was kind of funny. Needless to say, we ended up going to this GREAT little trendy place called Exchange. It was fabulous! Had a chill bar, couches, little seating area, and just an all around cozy atmosphere. We really enjoyed that.

We just genuinely enjoyed ourselves all together that little "date-excursion" night. No laptops to distract us, we didn't even turn on the tv-just some good old fashion one-on-one time. Good stuff. We came home the next morning after getting some breakfast at Panera (my favorite!).

Now started the whirlwind of my Mother-In-Law's Surprise 50th Birthday Party!! It all turned out just gorgeous, and for the most part, we surprised her, I mean, scared her should we say. We had a good 60 people show, and she felt very loved, which was the point by far. Lyryn, Sue and I made that place sparkle and Kristin was dazzled by it.

Good Friday and Saturday for sure.

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