Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's Thursday, and now I know someone reads my blog :-)

As my title says, Someone reads my blog!! I actually didn't think there was anyone but maybe my sister and occasionally my hubby, but last night my Mother-in-law, Kristin said, "I read your blog, like everyday!" I am trying to get her to blog, being that she is the great writer of the family. The rest of us try, sort of, but fail miserably. I love to write, but not for eloquence. I like to write the way I would talk, and for some odd reason, writing is just a way for me to get things out. Duh, I guess thats what it is for everyone, eh?

Well, it's thursday. I have to tell you that yesterday I taught 2nd grade, and they are studying dinosaurs in their regular ed classrooms. So, I had this brilliant idea to do clay dino's in art class. Now, being that I knew very little about them myself, I had to do some research. But, I cooked up this little lesson, and the first 2nd grade came stomping in...they were my guinea pigs. I already thought, "If this is terrible...I am doing something else in the other classes!". Ye of little faith. These kids ROCKED it. W.O.W.! Needless to say, lining my counters are some of the coolest t-rex's, triceratops, teradactels, and brachiosauraus'. I will take a picture when they are all painted. So cool. I will never underestimate them again. It was refreshing. The teachers gawked at them. I liked that they were proud of the kids, cuz I was.

Back to the, "It's thursday part"...I guess I'm realizing that I really don't have anything to write about today being that its early in the morning. I have a busy day full of third and first graders. Two completely different groups. Third are so independent...don't need help, because they can do it themselves. Meanwhile First grade is like whine-fest 2008. Everyone needs help pretty much ALL the time. They are cute though, and I get lots of handwritten notes. Unfortunately I can't show you how they LOOK but I can show you how they write:
(Taken from last week's note:)
Deer Mis. Bala,
Yoo are Prity and Butifull. Yoo are th best tcher in the wurld. I lov art class. I wish yoo wr my sistr. We cood play and I want to meet yr frends.
Lov, Alexander

How stinking cute is that? They really do write like that. But they are just learning all their sounds and letters, and I find that really special that they take practically 30 minutes to write that TO ME! It takes them a while at this stage. How cute? I am lucky.

Anyway, I have been thinking about "Life" lately. Life being, little babies. In the last week I know three couples who have given birth. The older I get, the more and more sappy I get about children. I just find myself really wanting to enter that stage of my life. It's not even so much about me, but how beautiful it is that a new child is entering the world for the first time. They are so innocent, and beautiful. It is just beyond me to think that so many people can just abort their babies without even thinking twice. I do believe it can really mess someone up in the long run, but people are senseless about it. On this note, I am having a very hard time with who I would want for president. Yes, Obama has some great qualities, but can I justify voting in a pro-choice canidate who is going to put other democrats around him, who will persuade him in the pro-choice direction. Bush along with Congress helped to make partial-birth abortion illegal. That was HUGE! I would hate to see something like that reversed, just because of who gets voted in. We are talking about LIFE here...and being that I am getting older and more sensitive to children, and wanting children, etc....I just can't justify the decisions of pro-choice people, or a pro-choice "government" per-say.

Anyway...I need to get rolling with my day. But, that's it for now.

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