Monday, January 14, 2008

Parties, Camera's, Action!

Ohh boy oh boy. I always have this fear when a weekend comes that I won't make the best of it, and it will slip by so fast, not enjoying every moment of it. Well, this weekend was not like really was wonderful. Last night Declan said to me, "Wow, this was a really great weekend". I feel like it's rare to hear him just say that. I agreed, it really was.

It started off with Friday Night, Declan and I met up with Tara and Brent and ate at Ruby Tuesdays, which is always a good time. We enjoyed the food, then headed to Philly to Johnny Brenda's to see Reilly and The Bridge Band play. It was the the opening party for The Bridge Band's new LOVE cd, which is fantastic. I am finding out that I am not as much as a socialite as I once thought I was. There was once a time I definitely would describe myself as a hardcore extrovert...but for some reason, I just don't really feel like being the social butterfly anymore. So, I have to admit, I was a little hesitant to go to a cram packed bar, with hundreds of raging hormones (this place is like a big-flirt-session), but I did it for my husband, and for the music. I was relieved to see my good friend Isaac and his girlfriend Heather. My little brother showed up also, and his friend Brittany. It ended up being more fun than I expected. The Pros: The music, standing by my hubby all night, hearing dan DJ a little, Isaac & Heather, Spending time with T & B, and realizing, "THANK GOD I AM NOT IN THE BIG POND ANYMORE (Looking for a man, that is)". The Cons: Being SO HOT at times, Dumb chicks who squeeze in front of you just to hug their "old friend" and they end up practically elbowing you in the eye, getting a wee-bit lost in Philly, and this girl who appeared intoxicated doing some really ugly dancing. Other then that, a good night.

Saturday. Well, this day I had no idea what I was doing really. But, it started out kind of nice when my parents invited me out to breakfast with them. We went to the favorite for breakfast, Georgio's. Susan met up with us, we relaxed, chatted, then went home for our whirlwind of a day. My mom was hosting a shower for her friend Stefanie, and as always, my sister and I helped do the decorations. I will admit, we help to throw a mean party. We've discussed doing this as a business, but never really get serious about it. It was a wierd day...I really knew no one, but it was nice being able to serve them and just help out. My hubby spent the whole day working on freelance design work and watched football. He said, "This is the perfect day!" when I went to talk to him later. How cute is that? Little things please him. We got very cleaned up from the party, which felt oh so good. Don't you hate how you clean for a party, then it gets SO dirty, everyone leaves, and you think "Why did I ever clean?!"

A little later everyone was out; Sue was babysitting, Mom was visiting at the hospital, Steve was snowboarding...
So Dad, Declan and I decided to head to the mall. We went to the Camera Shop and dad decided to buy himself another camera. He got the Canon XTI and he so kindly bought me another little purse camera (mine just broke!). He just loves photography, it is SO, so cute. What is even funnier is that he just cannot work the camera. He has trouble retaining the information we even give him about it, too. It's funny. We ended up meeting my mom at Houlihans, and we had a blast. I can honestly say I don't know if I've had this fun with my parents in a long time. The food was excellent, everything was just good. We laughed, had a great time, and I don't think we talked about work ONCE! I can't even remember what we talked about, actually :-)

Sunday. Was equally as great as the other days! My sister, Susan lead worship at church. Boy, did the spirit move! She is talented, for sure. I was a proud sister, but yet again, I'm always proud of her! Then we met the rest of the family (Jim, Kesh and Kyra) and went to On The Border for Kesh's 27th birthday. It was a nice time. We came home and lounged for a while. Declan and I played Bloons for a while. We are such kids! You can normally, without fail, walk into our room and see both Dec and I with our Mac's out playing some kind of game while laying in bed. Losers I tell you! However, I love that time together. Corny as it may be. We decided to go to the diner to grab a bite to eat...let me interject now with a story.

I HATE the diner with a passion. Actually, I'm not really sure I hate it (Just don't tell Declan that)...I just would much prefer anything else. So, every time Declan suggests it I make gagging noises and a sickened face, and normally we move on, thus resulting in me not having to go to the diner. Well, we were sitting there playing "Bloons" and I just thought, heck, I want diner food today. So I mentioned this to Declan, and he was basically like, "HECK yes we can go, I gotta take the oppurtunity any time it arises!" So off we went, and yes my dear sister came along. We actually had a nice time sipping coffee and hot tea, watching the game, and talking about life things that got me really excited. I think...I THINK...I would enjoy going to the diner more. (Shhh...don't tell my husband).

We topped off Sunday night with a late session of bowling. My old man came, and he was pretty good! A little rusty from his early years, but I thoroughly enjoyed having him there with us. I genuinely enjoyed being with my parents this was a really nice time.

Okay now that was too long...which is why I need to start writing over the weekend. Hmph. Well, You can't do everything right?

Happy Monday!

Pictures to come.

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  1. it was fun reading this because it reminded me of ALL the stuff we crammed into this weekend. yay for fun times!