Friday, January 18, 2008

Snow...the one time I really hated it.

So yesterday the snow began around noon. Obviously too late for any sorts of "dismissals" to get people home safely. I figured it would be okay and that my drive home wouldn't be too hard to handle. Well, I was wrong. It was ridiculous! It was literally the worst drive I've had. Scary, scary, scary. Stuck on a huge hill on 322 for 40 some minutes. Scared to death that every time I stop on this hill there is no chance I will get UP it again. I was partially right, becuase most of the time I veered off to the right, had to regain control, and I would PRAY, "God let me make it up this hill by your grace".

It only got worse as I approached the house with all the back roads. Needless to say, I got home with quite a stiff neck from being so tense, and I practically kissed the ground.

After I hated the snow for a while, I started giving it some love. My little brother, Wit and I began to make a snowman. He turned out very cute. What I found so funny is that Stevie did not know the first thing about making a snowman! He had never done it before! It was nuts. I basically had to teach him exactly what to do. That kid is so different then the other three siblings. He just doesn't know how to do "much" life stuff. Like, building a stinking snowman! Because, when it snows, he thinks of the first high-tech thing he can do in the snow....Snowboard. Back in the day, we just thought of sledding on our tobaggan sled or how good was the packing snow, and how many forts or snowmen we could make. I wonder what our kids will be like?

Anyway, I will post a picture of my snowman tonight. I grabbed a shot of him before I left for school this morning, because he already was melting a bit. I knew when I got home from school he'd basically be gone. :-( Poor Frosty.

So, got some plans this weekend, not many tonight...but we will figure something out. I think I may need to spend some time with my hubby. I miss him. I know that it seems hard to believe you can "miss" someone you see so often, but I need more than that. So we may be in need of a date night, and I'm up for that.

Anyway, love to you bloggers out there.

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