Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Life is really different right now. Obviously married, pretty sure I wrote that in here already. Declan and I lived in an apartment for three or so months, and it was okay. We had some issues there that made me hate it, so we figured out what to do, and that was to leave. We started looking into houses and found that our best bet was to buy into new townhomes going in right near where we lived and right by TheFireStore. It was an inexpensive option compared to the rest, believe it or not. So, we offically did buy our first home which we will be able to move into come July. So, for now my parents have been so gracious to allow us to move in for the next few months, save some money, and get ready for our new house. It actually hasn't been that bad, it's just hard not having as much freedom as we were used to. Sharing everything again, kitchen, living room, washer and dryer, etc. We have a big goal in sight, and that is our house which we cannot wait for that day!

Anyway, My sweetheart graduated. I am beyond proud of him for his accomplishments. He is a graduate of Art Institute of York-PA. He was an Alpha Betta Cappa honors student, and he rocked it. He decided to stay at the family business. It seems to be the best choice, and he is content with that. He is doing alot of freelance work on the side, which is awesome! He is working on websites, logo's etc...I am hoping to get more mural jobs, too. We are chugging along...thats for sure!

I have just come back from my Christmas break back into the wonderful world of teaching. I genuinely love every day I teach except for Tuesdays. I got to tell you, Tuesdays are horrendous for me...the mix of students, the full day, the short break...but after that it's smooth sailing. God has really blessed me with this job this year. Other things in store for next year...we shall see what comes of it.

My prayer for today is that I would not let the cute little moments and funny little quirks of the kids just pass by as an annoyance, but that I will actually feel the joy in the day and soak it up. I'm trying...more and more...I am trying.

So, I must be going. I think I hear the pitter patter of little feet coming down the hallway...ahhh...2nd grade here they come!

Mrs. Balla

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