Monday, January 21, 2008

What's your Wii story?

So, Declan, Susan and I decided that should be Nintendo's new slogan or marketing ploy for the Wii. Because EVERYONE has a story behind how they got their Wii. Everyone.

Declan and Katie's Wii Story is this:

We got an inside tip about 11 Wii's coming in to the Circuit City in Devon, that would be released on Sunday morning. Declan has been saving for one, in fact we had a "Wii Fund" envelope in our bedroom for the last month. He had all the money saved (how cute!). So, as anyone would who wanted a Wii so bad, Declan decided he would bear the cold, go wait in line early in the morning to get a voucher for his Wii, and then finally have the love of his life in his hands, I mean, the coolest video game system ever. Oops ;-) Myself and my sister, Susan heard his plan and thought, heck, let's go along for the ride. Wouldn't be so bad, right? Kind of fun is what we thought. Well, we pulled up the Circuit City around 4:30am Sunday Morning. We saw nothing. As soon as we parked, we saw about 4 people open car doors and jet out to their "spot" in line along the wall of the building. How funny. We got out. We talked to them, had a little Wii talk...and decided, there were now only 5 in line who wanted Wii's, so let's go back into our car and warm up until the next car comes. Being that it was around 10 degreees that night.

At first, my sister and I went along for the ride, then we thought, why are we out here if we aren't getting a voucher? HECK, let's get a voucher, buy a Wii, and then maybe sell it and profit $75.00-$100.00. So, we decided we were getting Wii's too. Gradually more and more cars get coming, we would do the drill, get out of the car, tell them our "spot" in line, agree to go back in the car and warm up, and repeat. Until we had our 11 people. At that point, we had to grin and bear it for the last hour and a half we stood out there. In the meantime you become in a very weird way very close to the people you are standing around. Kind of like, a little "Wii Family". Cute, huh? Everyone all the sudden "has your back"...its amazing, yet funny. We heard everyone elses Wii Story, why they wanted it, who they were in line for, etc. We heard the story of the college student who wanted it for his dorm, the story of the mom who spoils her 5 year old with everything, the story of the mom buying for her 9 year olds birthday, but secretly it is really for her, the story of the Circuit City employee who just wanted it to have for parties, the story of the Father who was waiting for his children...stories, stories...more stories. Then there was our story. My husband has been dying for this system, and just really wants to play it. My story: I want to sell it. Susan's: Sell it. Funny.

So finally after almost two hours, the manager comes out (this time, 7:45am) and hands out vouchers, and sure enough we were numbers 5, 6 and 7. We had the voucher, we are victorious, we are getting a Wii come 9:45am. Hot diggity dog.

We go to Dunkin Donuts, warm up, chill out a little...get some food in our stomachs. Go back, and sit out front of Circuit City again, only to see people who think that they could possibly be first in line for this thing called a Wii, and oh how happy they are....Until....They see the sign on the door. "Sorry, we have handed out all Vouchers for Wii's...none at this time". The look of disatisfaction on their faces as they walk back to their car. People began coming up and rolling down their window to find out what's the Wii story. We told one man. He seemed slightly disappointed, until I told him we were willing to sell him one of our vouchers for $100.00. He tried to bargain with me, then said, "Will you wait if I tap Mac?". WE WERE VICTORIOUS!! Susan just gained $100.00 for standing in the cold for 1.5 hours. SWEET. She was ecstatic.

Finally it was time to line back up again, almost time to purchase the Wii (both Declan and I). I had a couple of people I tried selling my voucher too, but I think they thought it was a scam. This one man seemed into it, but then said no...and still kept hanging around. He was creepy. He counted his money, so I know he was contemplating paying me for it. But then he didn't, and he didn't leave. It made no sense why he would stand there when he had no voucher, couldn't get a Wii and wasn't going to pay me for mine. Fifteen minutes later, he gets close to me and says "How much are you really talking, are you serious about this?" He sounded aggressive and a little scary, so I said, yes, and $120.00. Then he started freaking out at me, telling me that Declan and I are in violation of the code, since we are married. He said "One unit per family"...I told him, Sorry Sir, you're wrong, it's one per customer...and I have one because I've been here sine 4:30am, he doesn't because he showed up at 9am sipping his Latte. SORRRRRYY. So they called in people with vouchers, and this scary man was following still behind me. I was ignoring him. He began badgering me again, saying, "There are families that need one! Everyone wants are wrong!". In my head I'm thinking, Yea and that's why I'm going to sell it to one of those families on EBAY and make some money off it. GO BUY IT ON EBAY! But I shut my mouth. I hear him say, "I'll give you 60 bucks"...I ignore him. I was buying that Wii to resell to SOMEONE else now, someone nicer. If he had just thought harder about it, he could have left that day with a Wii. If he was nice, and gracious, maybe I would have had compassion on him. Instead he acted like a genuine jerk, and I in no way shape or form was going to let him have my voucher...not even for 60 bucks.

He walked up to the Manager and tried to tell him about Declan and I, that we were married, etc...and may resell the system. The manager told him he was sorry, but it's one per customer, etc. Meanwhile, my "Wii Family" all had already determined they had my back if the manager was going to let this scary guy win. How cool is that? Although he definitely didn't "win" or leave there with a Wii, these people who didn't know me 6 hours before, had my back. Cool, huh? Funny.

So Declan went in, got his Wii, I went in, got mine. We are reselling mine on ebay. I can easily make about $120-$150 or so. I am content with that. The look on everyones face as they walked out of Circuit City bag in hand was "VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Trust me, it was. Their faces were LIT up. It was amazing.

Anyway, thats our Wii story.

What's yours?

***Note: We went home and instead of crashing in bed due to lack of sleep, we played Wii for hours...we went to an afternoon church, came home...taught my Dad how to play...for hours. Had Pizza, came back, and then Declan had some alone time with the love of his life, I mean...the best video game system ever....***

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