Monday, February 25, 2008


My mother-in-law puts me to shame! Her writing is amazing. Granted, she is a writer....I am a teacher, I guess I shouldn't expect too much in the area of my creative writing, eh? Dang it, I wish I could be as witty and funny as her. Maybe she will teach me...hmm...I can see a new Wednesday night dinner tradition ;-)...."Witty Writing With Kristin". Love it.

Anyway, today was a really great day overall. The kids were freakishly well behaved. Shocking! It was a pleasant surprise, for sure. I had a fantastic "date" with my good friend Chrissy from college. I miss seeing her on a daily basis like when we were in college, but it's so cool to see us now actually living out what we went to school for. We both teach elementary districts that basically neighbor each other. So, we try to meet up every so often and just dish...we give each other tips and new lesson ideas, and exchange new teacher moments and "what the heck should I have done?" moments. The first year of teaching is FULL of surprises...more than you can ever imagine. We were just discussing how many moments we have during the day where we both think we wish we had another adult in the room to share some laughs with when the kids say the darndest things. Sometimes you just have to chuckle to yourself...because God knows if you chuckle out loud, you may see some tears. Kids are just funny, and they don't even realize it most of the time.

Good behavior, good drive (in my new car!), good friends....good day!

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