Thursday, February 21, 2008

I am such a kid at heart....

I am, its true. What other teacher says, "Think Snow" to their students? Most teachers DREAD a snow day...I long for it. I guess I would rather make it up later. I have to admit, if I have a snow day tomorrow, I will have only had a 1 day work week. Not my fault I had a near death experience, I would have much rather been at work you know...its true! I would have!

Chances are pretty great for a full blown snow day tomorrow, but freak things CAN happen with the weather.

In other news, I think we have settled on the type of car for sure we want. We are just waiting on our car insurance information and money. Gotta love that...its always a rat race with insurance, and ours is even pretty decent.

BIG news in the Balla Family....Declan JUST beat Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii! He feels should see him. I think he just did a dance. I think I must go now, time to "celebrate"...hehe, right.

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