Friday, February 22, 2008

I love this kid!

So, here is my little ode to Jayden. I think this boy is the sweetest little guy there is. First of all, there is nothing but pure love coming from that picture, you can tell he loves his Aunt Katie, right? Well, I can. I just can't wait for the days when he asks for me ;-0

I can only pray that I have a child who is just so content. He really is content with looking and observing the littlest things. He rarely cries. He is happy with just about anyone! Best of all, he is full of little laughs and giggles, and big, beautiful smiles! I know I am just the Aunt, but he has lit up my life. I don't have children of my own yet, and Lyryn makes me feel like a little Mommy at times, letting me carry him around like I own him, and giving him his bottles, dressing him, changing his diapers (hehe). I am learning with him, for sure. I am no longer going to let my mom raise my kids until they are 3 years old like I used to tell her (since I thought I dreaded the baby years). I LOVE the baby stage now, and would NEVER trade it for the world. They grow up so fast...little man is just over 4 months. It's crazy. In one sense it feels like he's been around FOREVER, on the other hand it seems like he was just born! Anyway, I am really starting to sound like a proud mother, but, I am just a proud Aunt. I love the kid, and I think, if he could talk...he would tell you he loves his Aunt Katie too! :-)

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  1. That was so cute, and as soon as I get home, I'll be sure to read it to Jayden!

    Love you!