Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'll miss you Jetta

So this morning started out no different then any other normal "getting ready for school" procedures, etc. I just happened to be 10 minutes early this morning.

On mornings I am early, I don't think "great, I can get to school early!"....I think, "Yesss, I can have a slow relaxing drive in to school today". So thats what I was doing.

I even waited for this bus that stopped to let all these kids on, when I normally don't stop unless the red lights are on...but today I thought, "I have time...Why not stop."


Literally, two minutes down the road all I remember is a big huge SMASH and the hardest impact I have ever felt, and then an extremely scary and bumpy ride. I felt my car stop and I looked around to see that my airbags had deployed, and that there was dust EVERYWHERE that had me gasping for air. My gut instinct: GET OUT. I tried so hard to get out of my door...but to no avail. It wouldn't open! So I unbuckled my seatbelt (YES, I was buckled!), and without even thinking I jumped to the back seat and went outside through the back door. I got some fresh air and then just started bawling. What had just happened? I really just had a huge accident. Was the lady in the other vehicle okay? Was it my fault or hers? So I ran for my cell phone, which yes, happened to be in my Coach purse, which YES I was honestly a little worried about (sad to admit), and I started making some calls. I saw blood on my hands, I didn't know where I was bleeding, or if I was okay, I just wanted someone there with

First call was to Declan, which never even successfully went through! I hate our network sometimes. Second call was to home (and thank god we're living there), because my mom picked up and was able to run down and bang on our door to wake Declan up. He was to the scene of the accident probably within 10 minutes. I then called my principal, and through tears, I told him I had an accident and I needed to take an emergency day. He felt so bad, you could tell, but I felt bad about not be ing there....I know, it wasn't really my fault, but its hard.

The next face I saw was a familiar firefighter, Nate. He recognized me right away and said, "You're Witmer's Daughter!"....and it made me feel good to know these guys. They tried to their best to take care of me.

So, let me explain the accident a bit more. It was not my fault, which is nice to know, but regardless, it still happened and it sucks. She was making a left turn onto a road I was going straight on. I had the right of way. She may have been blinded by the morning sun, or maybe thought she could make it (the tread marks would show she PEELED out), but without even seeing her I smashed right into her passenger back corner of her car, while smashing the entire front and driver side of my car. The damage would alone prove she didn't have enough room to pull out, therefore it was her fault. Add the tread marks and the fact I was pushed 100 or so feet off the road, and bam, there ya go.

Anyway, I got an ambulance ride today. Bumpy. Not Fun. I got an unexpected day off of work today and tomorrow, which I truly don't want. I have a banged up lip, and a burn on my face and neck from the airbags. I have some seriously banged up knees from hitting the console, and a terribly stiff body from the impact. I am thankful, and grateful though...because had I been in any smaller vehicle, I could have been dead. Volkswagen's are made extremely well, hearty, and it saved me today. I will miss my lovely Jetta...I sincerely LOVED that car.

I am thankful for a husband who came to my rescue. We got all the belongings out of my car later in the day. I am thankful for insurance. Praise GOD for that. We are going to get a car soon, and I'm excited about what it may be. I am thankful for lip won't always have to stay this ugly and swollen. I am really blessed.

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