Sunday, February 24, 2008

The new addition to our Family

No, no people...NOT what you are thinking. You aren't going to hear any news like, "I'm pregnant!"...or "We got a puppy!"....that is not the case, at least not now. However, we did get blessed with a really good deal on our new car!

Yesterday morning we were determined to set out on a journey to find our new addition the family to replace the dear old jetta. So, we woke up after a wonderful night of dressed and ready to go, and set out for our endeavor. Of course, we had some extremely empty stomachs, so we had to of course stop at our favorite, Panera Bread Company for some yummy soup and sandwiches.

We had thought we settled on the car we wanted...but still decided we needed to test drive a few others to really figure it out and find out what's out there. We became very educated on SUV's in our price range, and needless to say, it was a great experience. We hadn't taken in the full picture in the beginning (warranties, perks of buying at a dealership versus Joe's car shack, etc), we learned some life lessons.

Anyway, we ended up at a really nice dealership, working with some great people, and test driving a Ford Escape. A Ford?! We had NEVER thought about this car before, and if we did, we instantly said, "no way...we don't want that car." I guess the theory is true...don't knock it till you try it! It was the same experience I had with my wedding dress...I saw it hanging up and said, "Ew...I don't want to try that on!"...and I did, and it was the one that made everyone cry, and that made me feel like a million bucks. Kind of like this car....

So here we are!

She's in great shape, fully loaded inside, 4 wheel drive, leather seats, sun roof, 6-cd player...I really cannot complain. God was watching out for us through this entire thing...from the accident to the insurance stuff, to our new vehicle. We prayed before we headed out, and we ended up with a great deal. Thank you Jesus! Now I pray for a long life for this car ;-)

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