Tuesday, February 12, 2008


No, not the candy bar, but our family's ever-loving and loyal pet yorkie....who is 14 years old. Snickers is seeing his last days. It is really sad to say the least, and inside, you know that he is suffering. The family is probably going to have him put down, but it's just hard to know that he won't be around anymore. I feel for Sue the most...this was her dog from the start. He loves her so much, and vice versa. We always used to call Snick her boyfriend...he adored her. He still does. I just realized yesterday that he has been around basically for all of my life that I can remember. He has been around since I was 8 years old. Who really remembers a whole lot before 8? I know I don't. I clearly remember the day we got Snickers, and the days prior when we got the phonecall that he was born-we were so excited! We met his mother when she was even pregnant with him and his brothers and sisters. I wonder how many of them are still alive?

Snickers was never really that fond of me, to be quite honest. Ever since that basketball incident when he was a puppy, he was sort of skiddish around me. I don't want to explain the basketball incident in detail, but basically he got "under" my sweet dribbling when I was playing P.I.G. with my little brother. Or maybe it was that time he got stuck in between the screen door and the main door? Well, it was an accident....I was only 8. Either way, whether he really liked me or not, I still love the old guy. He really does have a loyalty that is precious. He lived an awesome life. He went on road trips with us to Oklahoma for goodness sakes. It's sad to see him go, and really, no other dog can quite fill his shoes, but that is just the way of life I suppose.

Its times like these that you just hope and pray that there is such a thing as doggy heaven, this place where their little old worn out bodies are now restored, free dog bones everywhere, big fields to run and play in, and lots of warm fluffy beds to lay on.

Sue used to always say that Snickers HAD to be in heaven with her, or it wouldn't be heaven.

Love you snick.

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