Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday School.

Today Declan and I taught Sunday School. It was super cute. We ended up with only three kids, but it was still somewhat enjoyable. Seeing "Mr. Declan" with the kids was really cute. He liked doing it. We did two art lessons (heck, thats all I really KNOW how to do)....and then I taught the kids about "Loving your enemies". They did a good job with understanding the story, and answering my questions. We put on kids worship music and danced around with tambourines, we played with puzzles and ate pretzels. Not too shabby.

During the first 5 minutes, one of the kids, Kevin...let out a major fart. It was funny...I giggled. Declan kept a totally straight face, which shocked me. A few minutes ago he said, "Did you hear when Kevin let out that huge fart?!?!".....I was like, "Yes...thats why I laughed"....He said "I CANNOT believe you you laugh when your students fart??!"....

No comment.

Come on, live a little, laugh a lot.

Oh goodness, what a day. Praise be to GOD for giving me a day off of school tomorrow.


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