Saturday, March 1, 2008

5 days

It's amazing how 5 days can feel so L-O-N-G....yet, so short at the same time. This past week, I have to admit, I wasn't exactly looking forward to. Teachers often get spoiled with having breaks in the week during the winter months due to snow delays and such. This week, I knew...the weather was going to be good, and we would be there all 5 days. Now, I know this is how school and my life is supposed to be...I just like how we have a little delay here and there to break up the week a bit. Okay, reading over that, I'm realizing how bad that makes me sound. :-/ Ha...well it's my blog, and I realize I will sound ridiculous at times. Either way, I was at school ALL 5 days this week, from 7:30-3:45. I feel accomplished. We got a lot done, and I was actually glad this week was a full week in the end. I really was. ;-)

So, I am still trying to find time to really enjoy what I do. What I mean is, rather then pushing through the day and just looking at the clock, "It's almost time to go home!", I want to soak up the day, and actually enjoy these kids. They are ridiculously funny, witty, emotional, childish (go figure!), loving, and sweet in every way. They look up to me. ME! ha! Where else can you go to work and really feel like a super star? It's not fair to the rest of the world who sit in really isn't. I get to go to school, teach little minds about the joy of creativity, receive notes and pictures, "Mrs. Balla, You Rock!"....or "I love my Art Teacher!"....who the heck else gets that kind of treatment? Not to mention, the every day hugs and love I get. Geesh...and compliments! These kids can dish out the sweetest things, and I believe they truly mean it. Kids are brutally honest, they really are. Sometimes they don't always say things you like, but most of the time, you eat it up. Yesterday we had our big school wide assembly to pep the kids up and show school spirit. I actually love going to them, besides the fact you can borderline lose your hearing, it's great. They do a slideshow every month of kids and people around the school. I cannot tell you how crazy the kids go when they see a teacher they know up there on the big's like they never see you and you're just this face on TV they wish they could meet. HELLO!! I am your teacher, you see me at least once a week and pretty much every day in the halls. But no, to them, in their little world, as Declan says..."You are like a superstar to them". I think for me, I am lucky that I know all 450 students in the school personally. They are not just a face to me, I teach them. So, hearing the shrills of all of them when my face comes up on the big screen, is just....funny...and flattering. I think that I will never really struggle with big-time self esteem issues being in this profession. It's just too positive, too fun, full of love, and 450 little "all-stars"....

What more could you seriously ask for?

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