Thursday, March 13, 2008


Last night I got to experience my very first proposal other then my own of course. I am really glad we went, although I definitely faced the repercussions this morning when I could barely keep my eyes open (we got in at 1:30am). But, it was really beautiful despite the ugly airport surroundings. Tara was surprised, in utter shock, happy, crying, shouting, freaking out, and all of which are extremely TYPICAL emotions. I felt like I re-lived my "feeling" of my engagement through that moment. I was completely shaking inside, and all jittery weird! I am very thankful for the person (Tara) that was placed in Brent's life. Although we give Brent a hard time a lot, we love him to death, and only EVER want the best for him. I know he found the best, and that is such a good feeling (especially knowing his past with girlfriends). Anyway, we (me, speaking for Lyryn, hehe) are happy to have her be a part of our sisterhood on that side of the family. I think when we all get into having lots of little babies, we will definitely have some wonderful, crazy, uber chaotic and super awesome family dinners and holiday gatherings. :-)

Cheers to engagement bliss!

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