Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Call me the friggin' tooth fairy & give me some boxing gloves!

I'm telling you...I need a sub for EVERY tuesday until the year is over.

Today was definitely MORE then interesting. If you can remember, last week on TUESDAY I had a post that discussed my one student who colored her tongue with a marker, and proceeded to say things about the "S-H-I-T" word. Well, this week, believe it or not...I got beat up by a Kindergartener. Okay, Okay...I shouldn't say beat up, well, first of all-because that makes ME sound pretty weak and pathetic, and secondly, because it wasn't quite a "beat down". Let's back up. I get a glance of this student throwing his pencil at another student. A pencil that was newly sharpened, mind me...a weapon (well, for a kindergartener). I give him the benefit of the doubt and ask, "did you really just throw that pencil?"....he undoubtly shakes his head..."yes, I did". Well, good job for admitting it, but without ANY shame-come on now! So, I tell him he loses the privilege of using a pencil at all since he doesn't know how to use it like a "big boy" (yea right). He FREAKED out and would not give me the pencil, and he starts "batting" at me to keep me away from him and his dear pencil. I immediately think "What the hell!? I am NOT gonna freakin fight a kindergartener over a pencil!" (but knowing I couldn't let him get away with this!) So, I say, "You leave me no choice but to get Mr. "Principal" to come and handle this". So, me...little miss teacher thing goes right out in the hallway (where conveniently sits the Principals office), and basically shout over to him. He comes very willingly into the room, only to find little Mr. Pencil thrower is denying going with him. So Mr. Principal is left no choice but to physically remove him. Now, my poor other 14 students were holding their hands over their ears due to the screaming and kicking that was going on before their little eyes. One student said, "Mrs. Balla, my ears hurt". I know, buddy, I know.

Well, needless to say, I got a tearful apology from him later, and a visit from his parents. It all went well, but it's incredibly sad what some of these kids are going through at home

So, on a lighter note. Little 2nd grader "lost a tooth" today. So, the little guy went over to the nurse to get one of those treasure chest things that holds a baby tooth. Well, I tell him to stick it in his pocket to keep it safe and sound. Not 20 minutes later I hear, "OH NO!!! MY TOOTH IS GONE!!" I'm thinking, no crap kid, you've got a hole in your mouth...but what he meant was the TOOTH had fallen out of the treasure chest and was now adorning my art room floors. GROSS! Like freaking clockwork 23 kids drop to their knees and begin to "look" as I yell at them all to GET BACK IN YOUR SEATS we are not spending the whole class looking for a tooth. I know, heartless. I kept telling him to check his pockets and three times, it wasn't there. Or so he said....

Last chance....I say, "Sweetheart, check your pockets REALLY really good."

3 Seconds later. "I FOUND IT!" ::holding it up like a prized trophy::

oh the "drama" of my day....don't you love it?

On another note...I got observed by Mr. Principal today...and it was my LAST one for the YEAR! I cannot believe I successfully finished all of them, and passed with flying colors. It feels awesome.

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