Sunday, March 30, 2008

Jon & Kate minus 8 (today at least!)

Down to earth, just like the show. Jon is very funny, and they have an amazing story of faith, trust, and hope that only comes from Jesus. It was not very long, but it was really fun to see people you see on television up close, and I mean up close. We had pretty much 2nd row seats. It was held as an "interview" session, and seemed a bit scripted, but nevertheless, fun and a cool experience all in the same. Kate is even cuter in person, and is pretty much a hot mom when you ask me (after having 8 kids, granted, a tummy tuck was in order). Jon was wearing a hat because of some "medical procedure" he recently had done. We all speculated what it might be....did he get plugs? (Hehe)...They always joke about him balding. Or, could it have been a simple little thing like he had a mole removed and just had a shaved spot? Possibly. However, I'm sure the show will tell in the next few months. It was fun, and time spent with family (Lyryn, Jesse, Jayden and Susan), ending in a yummy meal at Chile's. I can't wait to watch the next episode...I am so lame.

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