Saturday, March 15, 2008



Okay, thats a bold statement. But, what I'm saying is so darn liberating! I used to be one to "hold" onto my hair, thinking that long locks equaled beauty and all that garbage. Well, I have (in the last 7 months) really enjoyed chopping my hair off. Yesterday, I went after school and got yet another haircut...I think my 4th or 5th one since I've been married, and everytime, I love it. This one is by far the shortest I've ever had. I know that the Millionare Matchmaker, from the TV show says that "guys like long straight hair to run their fingers through"...and you know what I say to that? PUKE! That not only bothers me, but is totally not true. Well, maybe I am just blessed with a husband who thinks I look good with short hair or long hair.

Anyway, learn to not miss your grows back. Live a little....cut your hair.

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