Saturday, March 29, 2008


I'm a dreamer when it comes to my house, and decorating it. During our pre-marital counseling Pastor Bruce told Declan to get used to me always thinking of "what we may have one day", and dreaming of things in life we can attain when money is less of an issue. Declan hates to window shop. I love it. I could spend an entire day just looking at things and thinking about what I would love to have, and someday might. If the price is right now, I will sometimes buy whatever it is I'm eyeing up. I do not dwell on these things, I just like to look and see what's out there. Most of the time, when I ask Declan go out and do these things, he says a pretty firm and sturdy "No." Then I walk away bummed, but not really surprised. At that point, I just go by myself or with my sister.

So this morning, Declan and I were enjoying our ability to sleep in. Declan had no work today, and the agenda was free. We slept in, which always feels so nice, however...I couldn't do it every day. I know why God gives us WEEKENDS, and I know why they are only two days. :-) So this morning was a lazy one. We finally got ourselves up and we sat in bed talking about the budget when our house comes, and discussing all this grown up stuff which I so hate, but of course, necessary. I didn't push any of my own personal "agenda" on Declan, or hint at any thing I wanted to do today. Out of the clear blue my hubby says, "Hey babe, I have an idea. Want to go out to breakfast and then go to Ikea and look for stuff for the house?" I think it took me a few moments to respond because I wasn't quite processing all he was saying, since this is SO rare. I looked at him and said..."Really?!?" all excited. I maybe expected a, "Just kidding!"...but no, he was serious! So, by the time we got done showering, dressing, getting ended being more like lunch time. So we grabbed some pizza at Caln, headed to Plymouth Meeting, and off to Ikea we went.

I love this place. It is not exactly the highest quality furniture, as most of you know...but it can be lovely especially for those who don't have all the funds in the world. Also, the way my taste changes, it makes sense. We made our way through the entire store, and Declan took pictures of big pieces of furniture that we want to buy once the house is done completely. He marked down the name of the product and numbers, so we wouldn't forget. He smiled and really enjoyed himself the entire time...for once, I wasn't torturing him into it ;-) It was so so so nice. We bought a few odds and ends while we were there today, things that aren't too hard to store, and things we didn't know would be there next time we went. It was just so fun.

We spent a little more time out and went to find some more summer-ish clothing Declan can wear to work (polo's, etc). We had a little luck, and did find him a few things. It was funny, because I was trying so hard not to look for myself...I just love shopping, for clothes especially, and lately have been really good not getting things. So, Declan sort of gave me the hint I could find a few things for myself. I did find about 3 cute summery tops that I can get away with at school and in normal life, for cheap. It was a fun day overall, and I love love love spending time with Declan carefree with no boundaries on time. At one point we were stuck in traffic, had the windows down, the radio on, and singing loudly. It was fun.

Tomorrow is Sunday, and we have tickets to go see Jon & Kate from the show, "Jon & Kate plus 8". They are at a Church near Avon Grove...and I am excited, because I watch the show all the time! Hopefully I'll post on that.

Cheers to fun Saturday's.

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