Sunday, March 9, 2008

"Is there a rainbow?!"

Yesterday was not exactly the type of Saturday I generally look forward too. When my little mind drifts during the week to the super wonderful thought of a dreamy "Saturday" I think of blue skies, the sun roof open, free riding, maybe shopping till you drop, a meal out with friends or family, or something....eventful. Yesterday wasn't exactly my idea of an eventful Saturday. This is the first time the weather has really LITERALLY dampened my Saturday in a long while.

It was pretty much torrential downpours, for oh....the entire day. Just my luck on my dreamy Saturday. But, out of bed we went...Declan was off to an embroidery trade show with my dad in Atlantic City, and Me...up for no_reason_at_all.
Why is it I cannot go back to sleep again once I wake up? Is it a sign that I am officially an old adult? Because even now the reason I am typing this blog is because my dear hubby messed up the clocks and we went by his time (which he changed b/c he insisted it wasn't manual...well, it was)....and so we got ready for church and entire hour early. Where is he? Snoozing back under the covers. Me? Yep, you got it. Blogging.

Anyway, back to my story. So, I found myself up at 6:30am on my dreamy Saturday and now had the brilliant idea of attending a craft show with my mom and sister and possibly stopping for breakfast first. I just have to say, the idea of a craft show on a saturday with my mom and sister DOES actually sound dreamy to me...I thought about it all week. I think it reminds me of my childhood because me and my mom loved doing crafts, and attending craft shows. Everything was so inexpensive but intricately made, and being the crafty person I am, I love it. So, ventured out into the rainy day, only to find we all felt a little "ich" about the whole idea of being out on this terribly rainy, cold, icky day. So we went and had breakfast at Georgio's....always a favorite for breakfast. Two eggs over easy with crispy bacon, a bagel and cream cheese please! yummy. After breakfast, we went out looking at wallpaper books for my mom's powder room...which usually consists of my sister and I practically gagging over the choices my mom loves the best. What is it with her? Get with the times, Mom! But my sister and I usually try to win her our way. Besides, we don't watch HGTV all the time for nothing?!

Back in the downpour again to go home. Wet, wet, wet. The rest of my Saturday consisted of laundry, who likes doing laundry? I actually have to say I like doing it a lot better now then when I was a kid. But, that is no excuse for doing laundry all day on a Saturday ;-) We sat down and watched the freaking funniest show ever....I believe it's called, Crash My Wedding or something to that extent! It was amazing, we laughed SO very hard. Check it out. My hubby finally came home from the gambling town, only for me to tell the quite exhausted man (he only had 3 hours of sleep the night before) that we were going to be babysitting our nephew, Jayden! He...was okay with it. Just tired. It turned out Jayden had a bit of a rough night. He seemed to be in a lot of belly pain, which makes me feel really bad for him, but I think I was starting to lose my hearing a bit. Possibly. Declan got frustrated because of his own lack of sleep. He took a turn for the better and finally became his loving smiling self about an hour before his mom and dad got home. Of course, he is just peachy when they arrive :-) Anyway, I still love him. A little crying....I mean, a lot of crying never hurt anyone.

Early to bed after that because Declan was so beat. I hear a faint little "nose whistle" coming from him now as he grasps for just a few more minutes of sleep. Poor guy...I gotta wake him up in 10 minutes.

Oh, life!

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