Monday, March 24, 2008

Saving the computer at a time.

My husband is so technology-savvy. The man can pretty much fix anything having to do with computers, printers, ipods, phones, internet name it, he at least tries. For the most part, he fixes it. I sometimes joke with him that it's nerdy, although secretly, I think it's kind of hot...oops, secrets out! Everyone calls on him in my family and his when there are any computer "issues". Anyway, he just got done fixing my mom's chronic issue with her laptop and the internet connection. He walks into our room and says to me:

"Saving the computer at a time."

I laughed, it was so damn cute. I just have to say that my husband is to die for in my opinion. Yes, he loves all the "nerdy" things as I say...computers and video games, and technology...but he pretty much rocks at being a husband, and I love him for all he does.
Even saving the world, one computer at a time. :-)

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  1. Yes I love your nerdy husband as well. O, and I still want to see your wedding photos! You got them already from Joy didn't you? O, and green dragon was cooler when you could take roadkill animal pelts and sell them to the gypsies there.