Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tuesday=my long day

Today was eventful in the art room. Kids in, kids out, kids in, kids out, kids in, kids out, kids in, kids out, kids in, kids out, kids in, kids out...literally!!

On tuesdays 150 students come in and out of my about your head spinning ;-)

I often open my door to my room and stick my head out in the hall to feel the lovely breeze out there, while I bask in the heat of 24 little Literally, between kindergarten and 2nd grade there are ZERO minutes. So, I send the kinder's out, and literally have 2nd graders at my door. Today during that time, I took a deep breath, and just told the kids I needed a second to gather my thoughts and get it all together. Phew!

The most eventful part of today...wait, it all was eventful, but shall I say....the most extreme...yes, extreme will do. Ahem. Start over. The most extreme part of today was having the principal come into my room due to the behavior of one of the 2nd grade girls. He is so great. He has this stern look on his face that can kill! I love it. He puts his hands on his hips, and just looks so disappointed. Makes you put your tail between your legs. This student? Didn't flinch. Let me back up. I overheard her repeatedly saying " that a curseword? I can spell it. S-H-I-T. " It was like her record had been scratched she was on repeat mode. I turn my head only to see all the other students with their jaws DROPPED in awe that this student was saying these things...more in awe that I just caught her. I give her a little talking to, and I think we're okay, only to find that minutes later she was COLORING with MARKER on her....TONGUE! Ugh! Therefore...the principal.

So there you have it. Musings of an art teacher. Crayola marker on the tongue. Love it or leave it, this is my life, and where I share it. :-P

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