Friday, April 4, 2008

23. Not yet, but almost.

Tonight, my family took me to Bonefish for my birthday dinner. It was quite yummy as always. Tomorrow is my actual birthday, but my parents had some other things planned for that day. No big deal, that's why I have a husband and sisters who can entertain me on my birthday...right? ::wink::
Declan definitely looks a little sleepy in this shot...well, he was running off of 3 hours sleep. (As I type this, it is 9:30pm and Declan is sound asleep next to me....come on, he was up working on a website all night....poor guy) Still, gotta love him.
My old-man and my lovely sister, with her new short do. I'm telling you...everyone's cutting their hair off, its the new it thing. "Do the DO". I'll market that.
The table is hiding Kesh's 5.5 month preggo belly, but my 2nd little niece, Kylie is in there! This is Kesh's sister, Lindsay on the right. Both, are rockin' the stripes!This picture about sums up the night. Anywhere Kyra is at the same place as my dad...forget about having any grown up conversations, my dad just LOVES to play with her, hold her, figure out new games to play, or just be goofy with her. Here, you can see that he is trying to EAT her for dessert...and she is giving the "Pop Pop, You're CRAZY" look. She is learning fast. Very cute picture, and as always...Kyra is very good entertainment for cheap. We love her.

Oh, and I got shopping spree money from my parents!!! Weeeeee!!! So, where will I be tomorrow? Yep...out and about buying myself some fresh new clothing. I also got 3 cute tops from Kesh and Jim. Yay for that.

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