Friday, April 11, 2008

All my hard work

Today has been a great day. The last two days we (the art teachers) of our district got together and set up the district art show. It turned out lovely, and I had a few supporters who came to visit me and support our art. My hubby came, which meant a lot to me. My supervisor stopped by today and wanted me to take him around and show him some of my pieces, and what I was most proud of. He being very "supervisory", and official. At the end of the day he basically 'unofficially' asked me back for next year, full time, contracted, the whole bit. We didn't get into details, but the reason it is 'unofficial' is due to a person resigning, but they aren't doing this until their legal contract date of June 30th. He basically said, "Expect a call from me July 1". I am smiling and happy...the reason why....because I have something to fall back on now. Yes, I am trying to get a job closer to home and that is NO secret to anyone, but...the Lord knows how to give me a sense of security in a time when I could really use it. I am blessed beyond measure. He never fails me.

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