Saturday, April 5, 2008

Birthday over in 49 minutes.

Today was nice. I am still sort of convinced, though, that birthdays really don't get 'better' as you age.

Not bad, though...not bad.

Present from Sue (yay for more shopping spree money!)
Flowers and a balloon
Breakfast at Nudy's (get your mind out of the gutter)
Mall trip (with a personal shopper....three cheers for Sue)
Lyryn and Jayden met up with us for a brief time
Other random shops
Cute clothes, great deals
New shoes (2 pairs, thank you!)
23 heard me right (my husband is a man of traditions...and it started with 18 sent to my high school 5 years ago....)
Cute card
Hershey Park
The Comet
Super Dooper Looper
Great Bear
Barf. ( barfing....head spinning? indeed.)
home now

Nice day all together. Had fun with my hubby and my sissy. Pictures you ask..? Oh, well Sue has them all...when will I get them? Who knows....

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