Thursday, April 17, 2008


I am feeling the favor of the Lord right about now. I have been able to see his hand upon my life SO much lately, it's unbelievable! I have had the wonderful opportunity to have an amazing job this past year, giving me tons and tons of experience, and really making me feel very capable. However, this job was not a forever was a one year placement. I realize now why it wasn't contracted, because if it was my eyes wouldn't have been opened to other opportunities that may arise for the next school year. I located this job that seemed too good to be true. It's about 8-10 minutes away from our new home, still elementary, and best of all...contracted. Meaning, a "forever" job as I like to say. So, I send in all my "stuff"...hoping something may happen. I hear that there are 30 people who sent in applications...and I instantly get a little doubtful of myself. But, I find out last week...I get an interview. Wow....out of 30 people...I at least got an interview!

So, this interview happened YESTERDAY...yea, just yesterday-and I must say I had nothing but good feelings about how it all went. I am just more confident this time around with the whole interviewing thing. So-I get a phonecall around 5 this evening, just over 24 hours later.

I got the job.

It is April 17th, and I now have a permanent solution to my "forever" job's not longer a problem, I have some security, and all is well. I am floored. I now can have a carefree summer, feeling really excited about this opportunity to make this job my career. The Lord KNOWS that I have been struggling with how all this was going to work out with our new home coming in July-and he made it work. Flawlessly.

I feel so blessed, even more then I deserve. I am SO well taken care of-it makes me tear up thinking about it.

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