Thursday, April 10, 2008

The In-law's.

What does in-law mean anyway? I have married into a family and "in law" they are now considered my family, yes, according to the 'law'. Well, that is not the case for me. My so called, "in-laws" have been my family for roughly five years, and I have only been "legally" married for 9 months. What does this tell me? Family is so much more then legal boundaries or blood relation. Declan's family have always treated me equally, making me feel welcome, involved, and at home. I am blessed because often times you hear horror stories people have with their in-laws, and I really don't have that. I am blessed to just expand my family-they are not a nuisance to me, they are a lovely addition to my life.

Let's just say, in this family there is a lot of quirkiness, goofiness, over-talking eachother at the dinner table, emotional talks, games, and a whole lotta love. Can't complain. I've got it good.

Families are so unique, and mine definitely is :-)

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