Saturday, April 19, 2008

"Just like my Dad"

Today the weather was awesome. Declan and I were fortunate enough to get to enjoy it to the fullest. We went to the Philadelphia Zoo, and after a hard time finding parking (it was hustling and bustling out today!), we finally did get into the zoo, and were able to enjoy these crazy creatures God put on earth...or in the zoo. Seriously, there are some weird little beings out there (particularly, the naked mole rat...ick). Anyway. I found myself always 20 paces or so in FRONT of Declan at all times. I realize that maybe I am not fully "soaking" it all in, or maybe it was because of that long walk from the car to the gates and the blisters that were forming on my feet already-but, my hubby....he was in fact "soaking" it all in. He cannot pass up ONE sign without reading it. Not one. Now, knowing Declan's father, and having been on trips with him before (particularly workcamp and the trips the few days after), that man cannot pass up a sign either without reading it and learning all he can. As I'm 20 paces in front of him, I'm seeing new things that I want to see with him....I shout, "Dec! Come on, you've gotta see this...!" And I look back only to see this:
...and I hear this-"Kate...I'm just like my Dad! I like to read all the signs and learn all I can." How can I argue with that? Instead, I think its so cute, and take a picture of it, admittedly the thought of a cute blog in the back of my head. Oh, bliss.

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