Monday, April 14, 2008

Sad drive to work.

Today, my ride to work was going as normal....until I realized that my gas light was about to come on. Well, I had five extra minutes, why not use it at the pump, right? Save myself a trip in the afternoon when I'm more anxious to go home anyway. So, I get my gas. ::Interjection:: (I just realized there is more I want to add to the story)....

So-sidenote. I was at the pump, when this scary man with a white beard, skinny and fragile looking, wearing an old flannel outfit came up to me. I have to admit, I was at first frightened because it was 6:55am and he startled me. So, picture this, only more homely, and yes...he was wearing a hat just like that:

Yea...I know what you're think I'm LYING. But, that is not the case. Dang it! I should have used my iphone for a good cause and snapped a picture in that moment. "Excuse me sir, can you pose for my blog because NO ONE will believe what you really look like!". Yea, right. I was nervous for my life.

Okay, so I wasn't that scared...just startled like I said earlier. Ahem. Back to the story. So, out of his mouth comes this:

"Young lady...young lady...I have to tell you....I saw on KYW that gas prices are going up to $6.00 a gallon...I'm tellin' you hun'...stock up on your better stock up or we're all going hungry!"

Did I mention he was not only crazy looking?

Anyway. So, me, in my startledness (if that was even a word)....said (to sort of get him to leave), "I believe it! Thanks for the info."

I'm a flippin' idiot! Who says that? Whatever. I was just thankful to see him walk away toward the street (No people, he didn't get into his car, and move on to his "normal" life....). The dude started walking down the sidewalk waving to the cars going by. Strange.

So anyway, back to the sad part of my morning. I told you the whole stopping-for-gas-story to say that the little delay of getting gas made me see something frightening before my eyes. Not a minute down the road after the gas station did that devil of a pt-cruiser just CRUSH this poor little peppy squirrel....and take his life...literally-before my eyes. Now, I am no animal rights activist or something ridiculous, and I'm not even that partial to rats, I mean squirrels-it was just the whole seeing the animal lose its life in a second thing that was just shocking. I know, I know...lame! I just felt really sad after seeing that, and knowing that I had to dodge the little dead body to make sure I didn't re-crush it. His little bouncy life just disappeared before my eyes, and for some strange reason just saddened me.

I am going to stop now, because as I type it, I realize how horribly pathetic it sounds.

Life is just precious. Maybe....even for a squirrel.

On that note:
Watch this youtube video of Randy Pausch giving his "last lecture" to a group at Carnegie Mellon. Talk about life being precious...this man has an amazing outlook on life, and he is dying. It is over an hour long, can find shorter clips on youtube.

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