Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Brutally Honest.

My students are brutally honest. Sometimes, too honest. But, is there ever TOO much honesty? As you read from my last post, I have been dealing with headaches lately. So, I am doing little tests to find out the reason, and one of them is to wear my glasses an entire day and see if it's an eye-strain thing. Since I hadn't worn my glasses all year, the students were in utter SHOCK to see them on me. Granted, they are 2nd graders, and when I get a new pair of shoes, they notice. So, today, one girl raises her hand and says, "I think you look nice without glasses". I sort of do an inside chuckle, NOT because she's the girl I'd expect to say this to me, but because, dang it, they are brutally HONEST. So, I jokingly say..."So are you saying I look bad with glasses?" They were all sort of giggly, but a few students shot up their hands and all were basically saying, "You look pretty both ways". They're just SO honest. When I got highlights, one third grader said, "Can you dye your hair back the way it was? I hate it this way." Wow. Just WOW. I couldn't even really SPEAK. When I finally did, I think I said something along the lines of...."There are just some things you shouldn't say, because it may hurt people's feelings". Another time, a second grader (yet again) felt the need to point out that I was wearing the same black pants I had worn before. Ummm, here I am, feeling made fun of by an 8 year old. Cool. The best part is that internally, you get a bit defensive. "Umm, girl-listen up. I have more then one pair of BLACK pants, and to add to that, I only see you ONE time a week, so have a span of 7 days between my pant re-wearing, MIGHT be okay, mmmk? Thanks". I kept it all inside.

I am glad I am able to let these little things roll off my shoulder and not really take them personally, but sometimes I feel like I am being looked at under a microscope by 6-11 year old critics! Holy cow, I did NOT sign up for this kind of brutality. They certainly did not teach me this is college, nor was there any class: How to Deal with Student Honesty. Umm, nope, don't think so. However, I am realizing that when you feel so comfortable with someone, you should be able to say what you really feel. Yes, my students can be a bit harsh, but they know I love them and won't be "mad". I think that they feel that comfortable with me to be able to tell me how they really feel. Sometimes we hide things from people because we are pent up with fear. There is something about the innocence of a child, and their naivety that is so pure and genuine. No, I am not saying to go out and insult a bunch of people today, but I there such thing as being too honest? Brutally Honest?

Oh the joys ::cough:: of teaching elementary.

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  1. Kids say the darnedest things don't they? =)