Saturday, May 3, 2008

The closet nightmare.

I never used to have this problem, but over the past year or so...I'd say, I've got it bad. I may even venture to say, that it's incurable. I officially have lost my mind, and my wardrobe. Where have all my cute clothes gone? It's like one day they just pick up and leave..."bye bye...we no longer look cute on YOU..." is basically what I hear every time I enter my closet these days. I have certain hopes and expectations of what my outfit may or may not look like that day. Some days I don't really care, like, work days. Most of the time, I don't exactly care too much, as long as it fits the criteria of 'what is acceptable' for work, and as long as I could remove some paint stains if need be. But, some other days, I just really care. Why you may ask? I have no frickin' clue! So, tonight, I just really wanted to find something cute to wear, something that didn't make me feel fat (whether I look it really is not the issue...more how I "feel", yes, I'm like every girl, well, most...), something that went with my new hair color (did I mention I got fantastic blonde highlights today?), and something I'd be comfortable in. Comfort never used to matter to me...but definitely now, it matters. Why? No idea.

So, I literally go back and forth to my closet maybe 2.6 million times, or so. However, the closet remained the same: Useless. Declan, always is bothered by this nonsense of trying on a million outfits to find the perfect one. He's not bothered because of my dissatisfaction with how I look, but more so because I pass in front of the tv and his ever-so-important Wii game of choice. For some reason every time I went into my closet, I sort through the clothes I have hanging there, and HOPE to God that SOMETHING...ANYTHING...will jump out at me and shout..."YOO HOO...Yes, You...THIS would make you look hot tonight. I am everything you are looking for, I bring comfort, and class, and even make you look thin!"....and me? I'd be like, HECK YES. But, more often then not, I end up with a bedroom piled in clothing that I am unsatisfied with, that makes me feel fat, and a stolen shirt on from my sisters closet. That is tonight.


The new hair color, and the stolen shirt.

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  1. i will definitely be helping you pack your clothes when you move out... just so none of mine "happen" to move out with you. :)

    oh and you forgot to mention how kind and forgiving your sister is all of that thievery.