Saturday, May 17, 2008

Head.....YOU ACHE!

Here I sit, hurting, hurting, hurting. Pain is seriously shooting down from behind my right eye down to the base of my neck. Behind my eye it feels like I'm a wod of paper that had feelings being tightened and squeezed, and tightened and squeezed. IT KILLS. I am so frustrated with this headache situation I'm having, because it is CRAMPING my way of life, majorly. Every morning is a battle to get out of bed, although the headache has already started before I open my eyes. The only hope of getting up is knowing that I can get another Ibuprofen to take the edge off. This has been a two month ordeal, these headaches....but most prevalent the last two weeks. I cannot quite put my finger on what is going on, but I have my guesses. I am going to the doctor next week, and then hoping I'll get a brain scan just to rule out all the worst possibilities. There are a few issues in my family that I need to take seriously, which is why I do need to get checked out. I am, though, assuming that this is all stress related. I didn't think I was stressed, to be honest. But in talking to other friends and co-workers who had headaches like this--it always came down to stress. One of them said, "But I am not even stressed!!". The doctor said it didn't matter whether you thought you were or not, it's what your body is telling you, and maybe you are coming down from a stressful situation and your brain and body cannot work together in that. Who knows. I do know a few reasons why I could be stressed right now. I believe I may be taking on the burdens of others. I do not tend to be a burden-bearer, but for those I love dearly, maybe I am? So right now, my brain is thumping to the beat, of "We will, we will, Rock you..."....and I'm thinking (but not too hard for fear it may hurt), "Sooner or later this medicine will kick your least for two hours."

Ugh. Go AWAY headaches.

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