Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our home.

Soon, sooner then we can even imagine we are going to be home-owners. So what if we're starting "small" and getting a townhome first, it's going to be our first home together. We are more then excited for this entire journey...from the painting, the decorating, the getting-things-together, the (dreadful) cleaning...did I say that? Bottom line. We're ecstatic.

We have gotten the privilege of watching our house start from nothing. Each day we go by, it is growing! Declan and I have joked from the beginning that it was basically the process of having a baby. It started back in October/November when we started this whole ordeal, and will be complete in July. We are enjoying watching our baby grow. Declan jokes; "good thing you didn't have to give birth to that"....thanks sweetie.

So, here are some pictures to show our little townhome in the making. Hopefully in a week, it will have the third level, and then in a few weeks, the outside will be done....and then into the house they go to do all the drywall and finishing. Soooo exciting!!

You can see our bay window on the side, that will be coming off the kitchen.

Here is our entire little strip. We are right there on the end.


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