Sunday, June 1, 2008


In 3.5 day's I have officially begun my summer, and successfully, (yea I said it) completed my first year of teaching. In college, I feel like so much emphasis is put onto that first year of teaching, as the professors try to scare you out of teaching (in my opinion to ween out all the weaklings), I was never all that scared. I am proud to say that although every day brings new hardships, and although my patience is stretched and tested to the very last fiber of its the end of the day, I love to teach.

Some highlights of my year are as follows:
-Seeing the kid who failed miserably in every other class....but amazing.
-Seeing the students glowing as they work on a project they absolutely fell in love with
-Hearing my little Kindergarten classes sing "Smartist Artist" (my warm up song), and do the hand motions.
-Realizing these kids really do retain the information I teach them about artists...and thanking God I had an amazing art history teacher in college who taught me everything I know
-Getting hugs from students who just need love
-My hundreds upon thousands of drawings and letters I've collected from students all year long.
'Mis BaL, Yur the Best evr!' Gotta love it.
Dismissing them every afternoon and seeing them off to their buses and their parents
-Working with an incredible staff, who took me in and really became my friends.
-Seeing a lesson I really thought through come to life, and realizing that the one that took me two seconds to come up with....was so much better. That's the story of my life right there ;0
-Having a student come up to me and say, "You're the BEST art teacher I've ever had"...and realizing they're in 1st grade, and have really only ever HAD me. Ha.
-Getting birthday cupcakes, donuts, cake, etc brought to my door non-stop....hence the 6lbs I've gained.
-Being alone in a classroom with students. (After student teaching, it is so strange that you really are in charge, all by yourself....a grueling reality.)
-Having a million great pictures to show for my year.
-Knowing I've made a difference in these kid's lives...and hopefully they'll remember me for all the fun and silly times they had in my class.


I won't even bother to go into any downfalls. Obviously, as to every situation, there are downfalls....but quite honestly, after typing out that list of SOME of my highlights-the downfalls don't even quite matter at all. I would rather leave on a good note, realizing that I survived my first year of teaching, and best of all, that I love it. I have read horror stories of first year teachers just hating it....and they end up quitting. I just have to say, I am blessed to love what I do.

With that said, I am so very grateful for a summer to re-energize for a new school year.

Signing off....Teacher Katie.

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