Monday, June 16, 2008


I had every intention of blogging. However, I am sitting at my laptop....blank. It could be due to the E! True Hollywood Story on Full House (only my favorite childhood show....ever), or it could be due to the overload of things I could possibly blog about, and I just can't narrow it down. Should I write about the most amazing bathroom makeover ever (okay, I'm tooting my own horn), or should I write about our fun Father's day at the pool....? How about the overload of paperwork I was drowning in earlier for our mortgage paper work? Nah. Boring. I could blog about our siding being put on our house....oooOooOoo pretty! But, I am bored with the house updates. Or, last but not least...I could blog about the very needed vacation my entire family is taking this week (saturday to saturday)....but, it would be much better to blog once we are THERE on vacation, or heck, even home.

....Yep, still blank.

Maybe if I'm motivated later in the week, I'll write. Until then....

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