Monday, June 30, 2008

So soon.

Today we went into our house for another walk-through. So much more has gotten done! We are looking at an official settlement date of July 23rd.

So, below you see our house....much more to the finished point! YAY! We have farmhouse red shutters, and YES, the garage door is ON...just not down at the moment we were there. It is looking like home more and more. We are SO excited. Our project manager, Chris...conveniently in the picture. He is a great guy. I have to say that our experience with Ryan Homes has been really good so far. We feel blessed, indeed.

This is part of my kitchen....and so far, I'm in love. The lighting doesn't quite capture the true color of the cabinets. They are more chocolatey and less reddish like this picture shows. However, our floor...for being linoleum...I LOVE. It looks rocky, and trendy, and it's so us. I guess I'm saying we are solid as rocks and good looking? Ha, yes indeed. Our counter is going in today or tomorrow.

Here is the foyer area taken from the back basement. You can see that our hardwood floor is in but covered in brown paper so they keep it nice and beautiful :-) I LOVE the light fixtures in this house. I have to say, they are definitely more modern then some old gold-looking light fixtures. You can see our oak spindles leading up to the living room/kitchen level.

So there you have it....for pictures today, at least. I took a bunch more, but I just don't think any of them do it justice. All of the bathrooms are pretty much finished, have all the fixtures in it, flooring, toilet's, sinks, cabinets, tubs, all of it. My closets are done...I can't wait for them to filled! Ahhh...the excitement.
I have to say, when we were in it seemed big. I know later in life I will look back and be like, "That thing was TINY!"...but for now, for me and will be so comfortable and just perfect for us.


  1. Ooooo! That is soo exciting! It's so cute! Only 3 weeks left...have you starting thinking about packing yet?

  2. haha that's nice! Moving will be a piece of cake then! Bet your counting down the days :-)