Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ick, icky, yuck, ew...gross.

Today I decided I would stop pretending that I was off for the rest of my life, and decided to head into school to see the current state of my art room. Well...I think you get where I'm going just from the title of this post. ICK, icky, YUCK, EWWWwwwwww and GROSS is right. Let me first start by prefacing the story. This is the art room which is in an older building (remember...I work at two building right across the street from one another), and where a teacher has been there for 40 years, hence the build up of CRAP, and this is the one I was dreading the most. So, I decided I'd start with this one, rather then the cute newer school that I also teach at. Start with the worst first, right? Sounded like a plan to me. Well, I should have taken the hint about just how bad it was when I was walking down the hall with the wonderful secretary who was introducing me to all the custodians...saying, "These people will be your new best friends!". Not only that but the resounding jokes about the god-forsaken-disgusting-and-overly-DISORGANIZED storage closet coming from all the wonderful custodians. I just smiled, and pretended I could conquer the world...or, the classroom. I decided that today, I was not going to battle the closet just yet...but the cabinets and storage around the classroom first. Yes, that would be a good idea, to ease into the closet nightmare....or so I thought.

Reminder: I did NOT go into the closet today.

8 Huge trashcans and 4 small trashcans, and 3.5 hours LATER....

MOST....most being the keyword, of my closets/drawers/etc are cleaned and organized.

Let me just give you a little idea of just how crazy things were. I came across two drawers next to the sink, and with fear....I open them. I came across this:

What the flip! Who the heck needs 5,000 paint brushes?!
It's not like you're painting with the army! It's more like 24 kids MAX at a time. So, you wouldn't even believe how long it took me to go through and organize these brushes. I am sort of anal about my supplies, so I got out tins, and separated them into 4 different sizes of brushes, and chucked the ones that were hardened with paint, had spazzed out hair-do's (basically, meaning the bristles are going out of control due to LACK OF CARE!), or the ones that were broken into pieces. I am starting to feel like the first day of art class needs to be art class BOOT camp on how to take care of supplies and materials the correct way. We'll see how that goes, but that is my plan.

Needless to say, I am thrilled to go back and tackle the closet. Hmm...Not. By the way it's never good when the secretary says, "Do you have friends who can help?".

Nope...not good at all.

Any takers?

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