Saturday, July 5, 2008

On a whim.

So, here I sit at the Detroit International Airport. Nope, not kidding...I really am here. Why? Because I am awaiting my connecting flight to Akron/Canton Ohio, then on my way to Cuyahoga Falls. That is right...I cannot deny my need for my annual Reach Workcamps fix.

This morning Declan and I woke up, like any other normal Saturday morning....kinda late, and groggy. We decided to get ready, and then head out to lunch...yea, don't snicker...we got up that late :-) In all fairness, I was up late last night helping my little adopted sister-in-law paint her room baby pink and tangerine orange. Hotness...yesss for sure. Anyway, back to the story. So, I decided to text my dear Reach friend, Breck and let her know we need a phone-date this week. (We both are pretty busy, and it's just hard to get eachother unless its completely planned...lame, I know) So, she texts me back and tells me she is flying to Ohio for the Cuyahoga Falls workcamp...and that she will try to call. All the sudden, my head starts going crazy..."Why aren't I going? I totally should go!"....and to my surprise my sweetie also thought it would be a great idea for me to go too. (No no...he didn't have any 'agenda'...okay, endless Wii playing without a nagging wife? All the time in the world to do design work? Going to bed whenever he wants?....okay, so there may have been some sort of agenda, but nevertheless...he backed me up)

Anyway, we are at the restaurant, and try looking for flights on our lovely iPhones, but it just wasn't working out too well. We went straight home, and started looking, and actually found some deals. However, because I was within the 4 hours of needing to LEAVE for my flight, they wouldn't accept the great online deals. My sweet agenda-less *snicker* husband, out of the kindness of his-dying-to-play-Wii-without-a-nagging-wife heart, looked forEVER for flight deals for me. Victoriously....he found them. Two different one-way tickets...but heck, it works, right? Yea, I may be going COMPLETELY out of the way, but my arrival and destination are correct...who can complain?

So, at 2:45, my hubby books a departing flight for me that leaves from Philly at 4:20. Hmm...yea, do the math. We are talking essentially an hour and a half, and well, Philly is at LEAST 45 minutes away, give or take traffic. My husband is a race-car driver at heart, let's just say. We made it in one piece, and I had time to spare, made it through check-in and security in record time. It was a rush, for sure. SO not like me.

I must say, that as I may have hit Declan that I will be gone for 7 days, and only recently did we have our first night apart since we've been married. I hope he misses me bad, he deserves it.


Gotta love the freedom of a teacher's summer.

Reach Workcamp, here I come. Early mornings, Wakey Wakey morning music, Photo-guiding, cheering on the kids, making relationships with the residents whose home's we fix, and reuniting with old friends. Making an impact. What more can you do in 7 days? Not much.

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