Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Tomorrow my sister, Sue and my brother, Steve are headed on a long 17 hour trip to Zambia, Africa. I am so excited for them, and sort of jealous. I have the desire to go, but it always lines up with the start of the school year. Word on the street, I may get to go next summer due to the timing. However, I have some prior commitments (weddings I'm in), and I have to make sure it will work out. If I am able to go , I think I am meant to go. But, for now...Sue and Steve are going. I'm SO excited for them. Susan will be there for 3 months, and Stevie just for two weeks. I think he will have such a good time, and those little kids are going to fall in love with him. He, too will fall in love with them, I'm sure. Keep them in your prayers if you think about it. Pray for safety for their journey on the plane, and all traveling...that they would be a light and an impact wherever they go.

I can't wait to see pictures and hear stories when they're back.

If you'd like to follow any info while Sue is there for 3 months, check out her blog:

Here's to you, Sue and Steve....I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

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