Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Anniversary Recap.

Yesterday was fun, but might I say, not near as eventful as my wedding day. Ha, naturally I suspect. Although, I did ask Declan if I could get in my wedding dress, just because…and he replied with, “No babe, you can wear them one day in your life, and look beautiful, after that, it’s just creepy.” Of course, he is thinking horror-story’ish. Typical.

The things that made my anniversary simply wonderful:

-Having an excuse to get all pretty, and dressed up. I wore the dress that I wore for our rehearsal dinner. (Note: The picture shows another dress, because, well, right before we left, I somehow broke the strap to this dress. Cheap thing. Boy am I glad that rehearsal dress fit.)
-Dinner with my sweetheart at a cool new restaurant (to us)….the Blue Pear.

-Dancing to our songs together. (At this moment, I was glad we had a big open dance floor in our kitchen where our non-existent dining room table should be.) I am making this a tradition, and yes, our kids will say in 15 years…”Ewww what kind of music is this?” But, we love them. (Thank you Ben Folds and Lifehouse)

-Going through memory boxes. This is something we meant to do when we first got married. They were our date boxes, of things we kept, wrote to one another, gave each other, etc. I was very much looking forward to this, and it was a lot of fun. Six years of stuff really added up. It was amazing to see how in love we were at the age of 16. Note: I will never let my children date that seriously! Haha….
-Chocolate covered strawberries, compliments of me. Mmmmm!

I must say it was a wonderful first anniversary overall, indeed. The best thing about it is that I still have him when the day is over.

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