Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mac, the pup.

Well, Declan and I caved. To cure the baby bug, we got a puppy. I must say, it helped. I no longer am craving to be preggo and with-child. Not now, someday for sure, but not now. Puppies are a TON of work, and children...even more.

So, let me introduce you to our new family member, Mac. He is a 3 month old Yorkshire Terrier, will be about 10-12lbs when full grown, but now, weighs in at a whopping 5lbs. He is currently working on being house-trained, which is a long, hard process. Day by day he is getting it. He is full of energy, kisses and love. Right now, he nips when he plays, which is probably my least favorite thing about him right now (and Declan's too...considering all the cuts on his poor hands from the little guy).

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