Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tough, but worth it.

Tell me this face isn't worth it?
We love him, we really do. But anyone who has a dog knows that a puppy is a ton of work. It has its fun moments, and its super, duper frustrating moments. You the moments when you take him out for say...half hour at at a time, and then he doesn't go potty...but, conveniently when you bring him inside, he goes. Frustrating. Cleaning up a dirty cage. Frustrating. The nipping and biting. Frustrating. A puppy's normal behavior? Absolutely. I know that since we are being consistent with him, it will pay off. He will be such an awesome dog in a few months, but it always takes the grueling leg work now. Is he fun and friendly and loving, and cute as a button when he's sleepy and floppy? Yes....
We love Mac...we just keep telling ourselves it will get easier when he gets a little bigger.

So...getting a puppy was the PERFECT cure for my baby itch. That itch is gone. For now.

Tell me this face isn't worth it?

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