Thursday, September 4, 2008


This summer I had the privilege of being off. Not always as a teacher do you have the entire summer know, now a days they make teachers go back to school, so most spend their time either taking classes or doing a side job to compensate in pay. This summer I didn't have many days of exhaustion. I was able to have my own sleeping schedule, do what I wanted during the days, relax, hang out with friends, be with family members....etc. The days I felt exhausted were the days we were moving, which is totally understandable.

Well, tomorrow will mark my 8th day of school (with children actually present!)...and exhaustion has already set in. Literally, at the end of every day when I walk to my car, I am drained. At my young age of 23...I feel like I have no more left to give. I can't hear my name referred to in the "Mrs." sense ( least I don't want to...) and I just don't have much tolerance anymore. At the end of that day my feet are so sore from literally standing and walking around the entire day (minus my 30 minute lunch) that pushing on the pedals to my car sometimes feels too much. My short drive home (10 minutes or less) feels like an eternity! That is how exhausted I am. If you are a teacher, or do any type of job where you are with children for 8 hours out of the day...then you must understand. The feeling of being needed all the time is exhausting. I have to say, if this job wasn't so rewarding and fun (yes, it has its fun days) would be a hard gig to take. But, I love it. I know now why weekends were created. I know why teachers have summers off. As selfish as it seems, I need every ounce of "me" time possible after giving, giving, giving all day long.

I love my job and it's worth it.

I'm going to bed....I'm exhausted!


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