Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall brings friendly competition

I've started to notice my neighbors all getting 'cutesy' on me with their front yards. In the last two months, they have been the ones with the raggedy gardens with weeds growing like a bad case of the chicken pox. Mine has been personalized since we moved in...we planted, and thanks to a parent last year who worked at Esbenshade Garden Center, I had a lovely planted pot that is HUGE out front. Well, last night...I looked around and realized my neighbors were catching up with me. They had fall decorations out, and their houses, if could speak, would have said "come in, I'm a friendly home...we have a welcoming entrance". I swear, its true. I want my house to be that friendly. I asked Declan if we could go out and get some more flowers (like fall mums), and maybe even pumpkins. I think the front of my house looks adorable and welcoming now. I love it. I may just have the best garden now. :-) See? Competitive.

Oh, and I had the flag up for the last two weeks. That isn't new. But, the mums...the hay stack, the pumpkins...all new. Cute, right?Oh...and a little indian corn wreath too :-)


  1. it's beautiful! you don't miss a beat do you? first day of autumn hits and you're ready with the pumpkins and hay... lol. i can't say i wouldn't have done the same thing though. love you!

  2. Super cute! It totally screams autumn!!!