Sunday, September 7, 2008

Football Season....Homerun!!

This time of year around my house brings football, football, and My husband says, "Babe, Sundays and Mondays are devoted to football...the rest of the week, I'll spend with you." Gee, thanks love. Being that I love to be with my husband...I have the desire (every year) to learn about football so I can actually understand the concept of the game. I have sat with Declan over the years and asked for explanations, and he graciously gives it. For some reason, it will NOT stick with me. I seriously want to know more about the game, and secretly hope my children will have a passion for football-watching (I'm not exactly sure why...but it's the whole Philly pride thing I grew up with). How can they have a passion for it when their own mother doesn't even know what third down means? Give me baseball, gosh I love watching baseball...and I completely understand it. Give me basketball...even love basketball. Maybe because I spent many years growing up supporting my little brother watching those two sports? Who knows. But football? My older brother played football. Okay..."played" may be a bit of an over statement. He was dedicated, boy, was he ever. But, he didn't play much. If you consider holding the cord on the sidelines playing, he played a lot. He loves the sport, he gave it his all, but he just wasn't as big as the other guys. My family cheered him on every week, some weeks, he just held the cord. Maybe this is why I don't understand the game so much? Had my brother played more, I may have had more of an interest. I'm not trying to blame him for my lack of knowledge of the game...just pondering.

Anyway, I sit here on a Sunday...first big game of the year with a desire to learn. But, I'm hearing terms that just go over my head. "2nd in 10", "Backfield", "34 yard line", "down 3 touchdowns", "passing game", "3rd down in 5", "good return", "back into field of play".


Until then, I will sit here and look at the score across the top of the tv, because that I understand. One day, one day I will learn.

Go Eagles!

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