Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hodge Podge of fun.


Talked to sister in Africa in the morning.
A surprise visit from my dear sister and nephew, Jayden after school.
A fun date night with my hubby to our favorite, Appetites on Main.
Watching CNN with him till we fall asleep.


Early up.
Breakfast with my mom and dad, feeling like an only child for maybe the first time in my life. odd.
Sams club.
A fun shopping day going anywhere and everywhere with my momma. Some new clothes, dorm stuff for little brother, so much fun.
Dinner at the Airport restaurant with the rents and hubby, good times.
Fresh baked cookies and a movie at our place with everyone.
One crazy puppy. Love him.


Church. Good sermon today about politics, without crossing the line, extremely interesting.
Picnic after church at my parents. Nieces, siblings, kiddie pools, puppies running around.
It's been a good weekend. No complaints here, at all. I hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend!

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