Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday Blues

I love saturdays...normally. Today is one of those not-exactly-the-coolest-saturday-ever kinda days. Although, I must say it started off really great, because I got to talk to my Susan in Zambia for a while on the phone. Back to why I have saturday blues. Today, it is raining. Not like a little rain, but a lot of rain, that just keeps coming. Which not only means theres no such thing as a fun saturday cookout, but that my puppy will not budge and do his business outside, because, oh my gosh, it's too wet. Ugh! Please note, I had a bad experience in the rain this morning while taking him out. I stepped in the wrong spot, and sunk about 6 inches in mud. I was wearing my crocs and so the mud seeped in the little holes and was all in between my toes....nasty.

Saturdays (at least this one) bring cleaning. We had told ourselves that we had to do a really good cleaning that's what we did. I mean everything from the bathrooms, to vacuuming everything including my bajillion steps (thanks to the 3 story townhouse design), mopping floors, dusting all furniture and railings, and laundry. On top of that we even sealed all our grout for all our tile work in the house. Working together on it was so much better than doing it by myself. Declan did an awesome job on the kitchen, I must say.

So after feeling so sweaty, disgusting, icky from cleaning, we jumped in the shower. I'm telling Declan a story and all the sudden it hit me like a ton of bricks. What I thought was dehydration at the time...hit me. I started to feel like I was going to pass out, throw up, my eyes started going dark. I jump out of the shower sopping wet, and just sit down. Nothing is helping. The reason I thought it was dehydration because as a teenager it happened to me a few times, especially when I would lay out for a few hours, forgetting to drink my water, or eat my breakfast. Same feeling. This morning, I was so focused on cleaning, I didn't eat breakfast or have anything to drink. I still don't know whether it was dehydration or not. All I know is that I got dressed, tried to make myself feel better...but to no avail. I sat on the couch, decided I'd try to eat an apple and sip some water. I guess that didn't work either, because only a few minutes later my head was hung over the freshly scrubbed toilet and I was spewing my guts. What the heck?

So here I am, feeling weak and like I've done a hardcore ab workout. It's saturday, it's rainy, I feel stuck inside. I just have the saturday blues...but, I'm sitting in a squeaky clean home!

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  1. Katie, Your blood pressure was probably low, you should really get this checked out.